Dear P!nk, Keep Rockin'!

Dear P!nk,

I've been a fan of your music, your style and your honesty since you started, but I have to say, when I saw you in concert at Madison Square Garden, hanging upside down from the rafters belting it out, I became a super fan! In fact, "Just Like Fire" has become my mantra since you released it last year. So thanks for that!

What I love so much about you is your authenticity. Whether it's in your music, your honesty about your relationship, your parenting, whatever - you're real, and that's super cool. So when I saw the pic of you cooking with the baby strapped to your body and your little girl "supervising" I thought - way to multitask mama! Rock on! 

Dear Sanctimommies, 

STFU. Seriously. Enough is enough with the ridicule. Enough with the your way is the only way - you know what? Your way is fine for you and someone else's way is fine for them. Stop with the judging. We have enough to deal with on a daily basis, we shouldn't have to worry about what other moms are thinking.

That's the problem - other moms aren't just thinking, they're judging. How about taking that judgement and turning it into support? If not support, respect. How about changing your attitude and putting some positivity out there? You have no idea why P!nk chose to wear the baby while she was cooking - maybe he was being fussy. Maybe her daughter wanted to see what she was up to and she needed to corral the kids. Maybe WHO CARES? It's her choice to raise her kids the way she and her husband are raising them. Not yours. Let P!nk do P!nk, and you do you. 

We're all so obsessed with following public figures on social media, we should appreciate that they're allowing us a glimpse into their lives, not taking the chance to ridicule them whenever we can. Being a mom is hard enough. We spend a lot of time second guessing our own decisions, we don't need anyone else doing it for us. Bashing one another is counter productive. It's not helpful. It's mean. Why can't we all get along??

You guys, be nice. It's much easier.