A Mothers Gift

It's a funny thing, this club we're in. The motherhood club. I recently spent a few days away from my family, at a conference with close to 700 other mothers. Sure we talked about our work, our goals, and our dreams but mostly, we talked about our kids. Because, mothers. It's what we do.

We fret and we fuss. 

We laugh and we cry.

We yell and we comfort.

We worry and we trust.

We do all of this because we know our children need to find their own identities. We know that while we want to keep them under our wings for as long as humanly possible, we have to allow them to spread theirs. We watch the days go by in a flash and wonder where the years went as they continue to hit milestones. We look in the mirror and critique every line and dimple. We see ourselves as we were ten, twenty years ago, not as middle aged. We wonder what our children see. 

We encourage and we explain.

We work and we play.

We provide and we teach.

We adore and we protect. 

Most of all we love with our whole hearts. We love so big it can physically hurt. We love every single thing about them and we hope they see that. Unconditional. Pure. True. A mothers love is the greatest gift of all. 

Happy Mothers Day.