What Happened To Good Old Fashioned Respect?

You guys, I'm steamed right now! I read an article earlier about a 10 year old boy named Tamarion Bryant. Tamarion lives in North Carolina. He goes to North East Carolina Preparatory School there. His teacher (name not released as far as I can tell) reprimanded him for calling her ma'am. She made him write the word multiple times on a sheet of paper as punishment. In real life. 

Please help me understand...A grown woman was offended by being respected by a young boy so much so that she punished him for doing so? That's how I'm interpreting it. And I'm shaking my head. 

We spend so much time as parents trying to teach our kids to be respectful to others, especially their elders and teachers. We teach them the right words and phrases to use, and coincidentally, in the south, ma'am is a word of respect. So please tell me how it's okay for a GROWN woman to punish a child because she was offended by this?

I mean, I get it - sometimes I'm shocked to hear the word ma'am directed at me - I mean, aren't I too young to be a ma'am? (hahahaha) But in all seriousness, I would NEVER reprimand a child for being respectful. 

To the teacher out there that thought this course of action was okay, perhaps you should reflect on how you want your students to treat others. Perhaps you should consider the feelings of a 10 year old boy who was only doing as he was being taught. To be respectful of his elders. And yes, regardless of how old you actually are, you are his elder. Shame on you for picking a fight with a child. 

You guys, it's hard enough trying to raise our kids to be good, kind, compassionate and respectful. Hearing stories like this makes my blood boil. Kudos to Tamarion's parents for being good role models for him and for teaching him the importance of respecting his elders. You're doing a great job!! And to Tamarion, thanks for being an example for our kids, for being respectful of your elders. I bet you're an awesome little dude!!