#WhyAmIYelling? Because...Faith & Gratitude In Relationships

You guys, I was recently asked what I've learned in my life when it comes to my relationships - and my answer was Faith & Gratitude.

I am a believer in a lot of things. I believe my faith gets me through every day - good and bad. I am grateful for everything, including the relationships I've had in the past and the ones I have to this very day. It is not lost on me the amount of work it takes to have successful relationships. Which is why my answer is faith and gratitude.

It's not easy to believe all the time. It's not easy to be grateful all the time, especially when you're going through something that's not so great. But if you can condition yourself to have a strong mindset when it comes to your relationships, then you can do anything.

What have you learned when it comes to your relationships?