Really Everyone??

[et_pb_section admin_label="section"][et_pb_row admin_label="row"][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text"] You guys, we suck. We suck as a nation and a society. We arrest kids for being innovative, we ridicule a woman for honoring her nursing profession, we take it upon ourselves to ignore laws...who the hell do we think we are? Disgusting is what it is. Plain and simple.

I have been appalled at the stories in the news lately and it keeps me up at night deciding on whether or not to keep my mouth shut. I decided that no, not keeping my mouth shut, too many things to YELL about here. Let's take my top 3 for today:

  1. Ahmed Mohamed - a 14 year old boy from Texas makes his own digital clock - if my kid does that when he's 14 I'll be so impressed I won't even know what to do! What do his teachers do? Call the cops...have him arrested...because they think it's a bomb. Have we become so jaded to actually think that EVERY situation is going to end in catastrophe? Have we forgotten to stop and think about this child's welfare and that of his family after this? I live in a diverse city - where for many years I've been the minority. My children are friends with other children of different nationalities it makes me so proud that they don't even recognize differences other than language. We should learn from them, from their tolerance and their goodness. Ahmed, I am so sorry there are people in your life who are so limited in their thinking. Kudos to you for your response to the awful situation you were put in, you're clearly a class act and I'm sure we'll be hearing more from you in the future!! #standwithahmed
  2. Joy Behar and The View - Seriously?? How is it possible you all get paid the money you get paid and don't do your homework? Amazing to me that the excuse you're going to use is that you weren't paying attention and had no idea that Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson is a practicing nurse. Imagine if it were your child on that stage speaking passionately about what they do and then being ridiculed on national TV the next day. I hope you never have to endure that. I have so many friends who are nurses (and doctors for that matter) who are appalled and horrified at your comments. Fingers crossed you don't need to use any of them anytime soon. #nursesrule
  3. Kim Davis - Enough is enough. Just stop. You lost. The law says you have to do your job, if you don't believe that your job is in agreement with your religious beliefs then quit. You're not the lawmaker. You're not the one who gets to decide who loves whom - especially with your own personal track record. All you have to do is your job, you don't have to live with, be friends with or even speak with any of the I'm sure lovely and wonderful people you're issuing marriage licenses for. #stfukimdavis

That's rant is over. Exhausted by all the ignorance, racism and generally horrible things happening in this country right now. We should be focusing on so many other things and yet we don't. What happened to spotlighting the good stuff? What happened to accentuating the positive? Something's gotta give folks or we're going to end up wound too tight...I can feel it happening. It scares me. #makeachange #lovewins