#WhyAmIYelling? Because...It's Time For A Relation-SHIFT! 3 Day Challenge!

You guys, I love a challenge and because of that I decided to create one around the launch of my book #WhyAmIYelling? Because…Relationships! I wanted to focus on why having a great relationship with yourself is so important and how you can focus on that while not skipping a beat everywhere else! Here are the 3 videos from the challenge.

Day 1 is focused on Awareness

Day 2 is about taking Action

Day 3 is focused on Clarity



The Official Virtual Launch of #WhyAmIYelling? Because...Relationships!! (in 2 parts)

You Guys!! My book is for YOU! And it was designed by you so I wanted to celebrate that! Thank you for contributing your ideas and thoughts in to helping create the 5 Essentials! Here’s the videos of the virtual launch - it’s full of great conversation and awesome guest experts lending their expertise to the conversation! Enjoy!! And of course because technology is questionable, we had some issues so had to make 2 videos!! #lifehappens