All For You

[et_pb_section admin_label="section"][et_pb_row admin_label="row"][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text"] Holy crap you guys!! (and I mean that literally). For the last 10 days my house has been inundated with sick and it's been no picnic! Thankfully none of it was serious and everyone is feeling much better just in time for the long holiday weekend. In all the chaos of the week I totally lost track of the days and just realized it's Friday! I honestly haven't had a minute to think about a pay it forward until I sat down to do something for myself that I've been meaning to do for the last week. So today, I think your pay it forward is to do something for yourself...I don't care what it is, just take some time and spend it on yourself. So often we get caught up in other, kids, spouses, activities, etc, we forget to take a minute for ourselves. This is not anything new I know, but sometimes I can get so involved in doing stuff for days on end that have nothing to do with me that when I get a minute to have some alone time it's a big deal!

My pay it forward to myself is 2 things....first, I'm breaking out the new bras I just bought and have not taken out of the bag and wearing one! Do you have ANY idea how great it is to have a new bra?'s one of the best things! Especially if you haven't purchased any in quite a while (I won't say how long for me but let's just say long enough). I can remember a time (before children), when I would replace things like bras on a regular basis, that has taken a back burner to so many other things that it's a big deal when I get to go undergarment shopping. And man, it's life changing after that thing is on your body...everything just looks better if ya know what I mean.  YAY for new bras!!!

Second thing I did for myself today is enroll in school!! Yep, there it is...I said it, I'm going to "school", using the term loosely here. What I'm really doing is taking courses to become a certified transformational coach. Yep, think life coach, career/transition coach, etc. Over the last few months that I've been reflecting, researching and searching for my next career, all of the self assessments I've been doing have been pointing me in the direction of helping others. I immediately took that to believe that I needed a career in the non profit sector, but after doing some research there, none of the jobs I'm qualified for are floating my boat. That's when I called MY career coach and we had a talk and uncovered that what I really want to be doing is exactly what she's doing...coaching! I start my classes on Monday and I could not be more excited for this new adventure! There are lots of directions I can take this new career in and I'm excited to start exploring them. I have tons of ideas and I know that as soon as I start to make progress in my training, I'll have more clarity for the way I want to approach applying it. YAY school!!

There you have PIFF for you this something good for yourself today. I think I'm gonna add a nap to mine too!

Have a great day!