[et_pb_section admin_label="section"][et_pb_row admin_label="row"][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text"] You guys, with 9 days left till Christmas, I've been thinking of wishes. Reading holiday cards and hearing people ask their children what their wishes are this holiday season is making me think about mine. I have a few and I think I'll devote a post to each over the next several days.

Today's wish is for health. My dear friend lost a close loved one this morning, she was suffering with cancer for a long time and I pray she's finally found peace. Often times we take our health for granted, we push our bodies and our minds even when they're screaming at us to stop. We pollute our bodies with foods we know we shouldn't be eating and drinks we shouldn't be consuming but man, it's all so good how can we stop? We're tempted with cigarettes and drugs. We don't get enough sleep. We stress over things we have no control over, (and some things we do). We watch people we care about suffer with ailments, take pills to stay alive, and struggle with the emotional side affects. It can be exhausting.

When I say my thanks every night the first thing on my list is health. I may not be the skinniest or the most toned, but I try to maintain some kind of healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. I take vitamins, I try to exercise (although I know I should amp this up), and most of the time eat the right stuff (MOST of the time). I'm thankful that my children are healthy, that the most we've ever had to deal with is a common cold, a stomach bug or a random bout of strep throat. My heart breaks for people who suffer, facing the unknown. And while I know even the healthiest people can get sick with some of the worst prognoses, I will never understand why.

I'm in awe of people LIVING with sickness, who get out of bed everyday focused on making the most of their situation. They are inspiring. They are the reason I give back to their causes hoping that some day we can find cures for all of it. Good health is the single most important gift you can give to yourself. You only have one body, be vigilant ...listen to it, obey it, hydrate it, feed it, educate it, exercise it, love it.

Here's to your good health...Cheers!