My Other Man

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I have another man in my life.

He's my gorgeous Venezuelan hunky monkey.

He makes me smile, laugh, listens to my stories, gives me advice and shares secrets.

He compliments me and makes me feel amazing.

He's my hair stylist.

You guys, raise your hand if you have someone like this in your life too - guy, girl, it doesn't matter. If you know me in real life, you know I'm a slave to my hair maintenance routine.  It takes a village my friends, and he's the king of mine! Every 6 weeks for a cut and color - premature grey sucks, it started in my 20's. I'm not ready to embrace the natural color of my hair and thank God I don't have to! Antonio and I have been together for 18 years. We've been through relationship stuff, marriages, kids (me), dogs (him), all things good and bad. I have followed him around the salons of NYC and even to his apartment on occasion. He's made concessions for me. Hell, he's even given me the secret formula for my hair color so I can do it myself and save some money in between visits. He's the real deal, he's a genius at his craft, he loves making people feel gorgeous, and his clients are committed to him.

And he's moving.

To Miami.

In three weeks.

My heart breaks knowing he won't be available for a quick "fix" but this is the right thing for him. My husband asked me how often I would be going to Miami to get my hair done and was relieved to hear I wouldn't need to because Antonio is going to be coming back to NYC to see his clients monthly. Phew! Dodged that bullet!

It's important to have people like Antonio in your life. They become a constant, a security. They become your family. Encouraging them grow and experience new adventures is a great thing. They touch so many people's lives just by virtue of what they do and a lot of the time don't realize the impact. I know I can't live without these people in my life so I make sure I let them know how much I love and appreciate them every time I see them!

I'm so excited for Antonio and his next chapter. He's going to take Miami by storm!! Congratulations Antonio & Jim (and Casey!) - may you have only bright skies in the sunshine state!!

And if you're in the market for a stylist in NYC, Antonio can be found at Senses Salon on 5th Avenue and in Miami at a location TBD.