One Thing


You guys, if you know me in real life you know I love shiny sparkly things that come in the form of accessories. I've rarely met a jewel I didn't love. And I love to collect trinkets especially when they have meaning behind them. I came across One Thing Lockets late last year and immediately fell in love. Their bracelets and necklaces are fun, whimsical and feminine. I gave some as Christmas gifts last year and got rave reviews! From the One Thing Website: The One Thing brand was inspired by a documentary. "There are places in our world where people live under one dollar per day. If you join these people in the pursuit for life and happiness, you will see that the fundamental things we all care about are quite similar, despite our superficial differences. Essentially, we are driven to thrive because of a few 'one things' that define us - like our children, our willingness to overcome, or our values. This is what makes us human!"

"But when things come easy and we’re not in survival mode, we tend to forget how connected we are through our human nature. And when we forget this, we can’t see that we all have value or that we’re each trying to bring something to the world. We only see superficial differences and opinions. One Thing believes that a connected, more accepting world starts by recognizing that we are all fundamentally similar."

So One Thing asks people all over the world: 

"What is one thing you bring to this world?"

It's a great question. Think about it - what IS the one thing you bring to this world? I've pondered this question a few different times. I keep coming back to optimism. Maybe it's because that's my nature. Maybe it's because as a mother I'm trying to raise my boys in a world where I know they can do and be whatever they set their minds to as long as they remain positive and hard working. Maybe it's because I can't particularly handle the negative - and I will always try to find the lining in the cloud. Or maybe it's a bit of all of it. We were trying to teach Elias how to ride a bike today, he kept saying "I can't" until I looked him in the eye and said "what are you talking about? You absolutely can. There is no I can't today. Let's go" so he got on his bike and we practiced. Did he learn how to ride, no, but he did try so that's something. Optimism. You can do it. 

One Thing is on a mission to empower and connect, and so am I - which is why I'm such a big fan of their work. AND they're passionate about giving back - proceeds from the sales of specific pieces benefit Post Partum Depression and Suicide Prevention. So since today is the last Friday of Love Month here at Why Am I Yelling? Why not spread some love and give someone you love a One Thing Locket for their next gift. And because they're so badass - they've given me a discount code to pass on to you - when you place your order, use the code whyamiyelling20 for 20% off!! Woo Hoo!! 

And then answer the question - because I want to know What is the one thing you bring to this world? 

Here's their website for more info: and follow them on Instagram to see their amazing stories!