Really? Again? Really?

You guys, I went back through my blog posts over the last several months and I’m appalled that this will be my 4th one about guns. APPALLED. DISGUSTED. SO VERY SAD. Yes, I’m absolutely YELLING. I can’t stop this time. I can’t stop asking questions to myself. I can’t stop holding back the tears in front of my kids when I read another piece of news. I can’t lie to them when they ask “what’s wrong Mommy”. I hate to have to tell them about another bad guy. Another guy with a disease and a distorted view. Another guy with a gun. And not just any gun A FUCKING SEMI-AUTOMATIC WEAPON. Who has this? Who WANTS this? I don’t care who you are, you have absolutely no use for a weapon of this nature. You want a rifle to shoot a deer? Fine. But you don’t get an AR-15. You don’t. Except, you do and that’s stupid. I mean, when 9/11 happened what did the government do? They made airline regulations more strict. They made us take off our shoes. They limited our liquids and hell, they even questioned breast milk. They locked the cockpit doors. They made it almost impossible for someone to repeat that horrific day. And it took like 5 minutes to get it done…

What are they doing about guns? They’re GIVING THEM AWAY. Allowing the sale of weapons of this kind of destruction is irresponsible, it’s arrogant, it’s disgusting. Prayers don’t work my friends, not against an AR-15 (or whatever the next guy is going to use). We can pray all day long, we can hold hands, hold vigils, light candles, sing hymns, change profile pictures, hashtag cities…NONE OF THAT CHANGES THE FACT THAT THIS SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED. We are missing the boat you guys. We are drowning in our own blood. We are failing our children. How does that feel? I can tell you right now that it feels pretty crappy. It sucks to sit by and watch this happen. It sucks to be a parent during these kinds of days. To watch a piece of your own child’s innocence disappear right before your very eyes. It’s hard enough watching them grow up on a regular day, this is heart wrenching. I don’t want to see any more statistics. I don’t want to watch any more news stories. I don’t want to hear the politicians arguing. I want it to stop. We have to make it stop. When is it enough? I’ll tell you when…THE FIRST TIME IT HAPPENED. That’s when. That’s when it was enough. We are smarter than this, I know we are. We have to be faster about it. We can’t wait for the next one, and the one after that.

The answer is so easy. CHANGE THE LAWS. Write a bill. MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Even if you think you’re not, try. How? How do we do this? Here’s a site that has 5 petitions to sign banning these types of weapons:

Write to your local government

My heart breaks for the victims and their loved ones. I pray for your strength. I used to live an hour away from Orlando. I have a lot of fond memories of clubs, concerts, bars, and celebrations there. I have friends who live there. I feel your pain, I know your anguish and I’m so very sorry that you have to endure it for yet another senseless reason. NYC stands with Orlando, that I know. Because in our darkest days, you stood with us. Let’s all stand together and make this stop.

Peace. xo