It’s Labor Day today, as I sit in a quiet living room having gotten up early to get a few thing accomplished before the rest of the house wakes up, I’m thinking about the next thing for us. September is a funny month - I like to think of it as the beginning of our new year, our fresh start. September brings a new school year. This year being especially exciting as one will start middle school and the other will start Pre-K (or big kid school as we call it around here). We will be back in our cozy Brooklyn apartment, relocated from our summer at the lake. I will dive head first into opportunities that have been cultivated over the summer for my business and Will gets to have his family back after being a weekend commuter to the country for the last 10 weeks. I’ve been regarding September as my new year for a while now - even if it was mostly in my subconscious. January doesn’t seem like a new year month to me - nothing new happens in January. Everything new happens in September. Autumn for me is the only season where the weather changes in a snap. It goes from hot to cool in less than 24 hours and stays that way (at least in the Northeast). None of the other seasons do that - they’re a more gradual transition. September is crisp, colorful and bold. It challenges you to get clear, to focus. It’s exhilarating and comforting. Yes, September is definitely the start of our new year. Maybe it’s because I’m aware of the rebirth that happened after 9.11. Maybe it’s because I now have children and this is the month that seems like everything new is happening. Maybe it’s because I launched Why Am I Yelling? in September. Whatever the reason, it just makes more sense.

I look forward to September every year. After weeks away from our city, we go home. Home to new clothes for school for the kids and new sneakers to break in. New places to check out and explore. New soccer teams, new school classes. New experiences. New walks around our changing neighborhood and new Poke stops for the boys to find. (yes, they’re in on the crazy like the rest of you!!).

I’m sitting here mentally making my list for the next 24 hours - one that might be in line with the traditional coming of a new year. Clean out, pack up, take one last swim, go to the fair (because it IS fair season here), see our friends before we head out. All while being grateful for the past year…our family is healthy, we have amazing friends, the boys had great school years, we traveled to see loved ones and our loved ones traveled to see us, my business is moving forward in ways I never imagined...we truly are blessed.

Yes, September is the start of our year and this one is sure to be the best one yet. Happy New Year you guys! I hope yours is filled with good times, great people and lots of personal growth. Cheers to success in every part of your world!! xo