So Many Blogs, So Little Time!

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Sorry for the delay in posting today, I had every intention of posting much earlier but this is what happens when you have one too many glasses of bubbly the night before at a party...Tis The Season!!!

Anyway, I decided that today's pay it forward would be to other blogs I enjoy. Some of them you may be familiar with and others you may not. I know I love it when someone new discovers my blog so why not spread the word about others and pay it forward for free this week! So here you's I read (almost) every day...Enjoy!

Here's my list of top 10 that I love:

The Skimm:  I read this every morning, it's my go to for headlines written in a quirky, easy to follow style. No stuffiness here, these girls know how to deliver the news with quick updates and cute anecdotes!  Subscribe to them!!

Eats. Reads. Thinks: My friend Suanne is the queen of everything! She loves to cook, she loves to read & write, and she loves a good chat. She started this blog a few years ago and it includes funny stories of her life, some great recipes and recommendations for books she loves. She also recently published that you should go buy and read because it's awesome!

This Old Dag: My girl Dag writes an awesome blog about whatever springs to mind...she's an accomplished actor and author and her words always tell a great story. She writes when she gets an inkling so follow her for updates!

Scary Mommy: Clearly these ladies have motherhood down pat! I love their sarcasm, wit and humor...(sometimes they're serious). You should go check them out right now for the hysterical video parody of Taylor Swift's song "Blank Spaces" it's amazing and so relatable!

Maddow Blog: Not because my crazy talented husband is a producer and writer for this blog (well, maybe a little bit) but because I adore Rachel and her whole team. They're crazy smart, they know their stuff and they speak in a language that everyone can understand. Keep up the great work!

Ted (ideas worth spreading): I discovered this late to the game I will admit, but I'm hooked! I love the diverse range of topics and the availability of the content. They  have video, blog posts and articles on tons of subjects. I can spend a long time on this site....

Blog Talk Radio: I've been exploring this one very recently and so far I like what I hear. All kinds of talk shows dedicated to a large variety of topics. I love it because it allows anyone to have a voice, and who knows, maybe mine will be on here one day too....

Curbed: This is a story I'm very familiar with because my husband does freelance photography for them. They started out as a little real estate blog in NYC and have branched out to many cities throughout the US. I happen to love real estate, especially the stuff you don't get to see everyday and they give you access to it. It's my go to drool site....$20M apartments and neighborhood updates...see if they have one for your city..

Greatist: Another recent discovery on my quest to be healthy...(wishful thinking!). This site isn't just about health and fitness, they promote well being and they do it in a fun real life kind of way.

Stacy Snacks: (not to be confused with stacys snacks the pita chip maker)...this girl has some good stuff on her blog! She has some really yummy and easy to make things on this site and I've been known to try a few things...right now she has a chocolate covered clementine recipe on there that I'm dying to try! She's fun to read and isn't afraid to tell you when something didn't work or if she changed it up!

Pay it forward and tell me what blogs you can't stop reading!!