It's Almost Over - But Not Really.


I've been crying for days you guys. For a lot of reasons, but mostly because the last 18 months have been long, and it's finally coming to an end - for today. Tomorrow is another day - will anything really be changed? Here's the thing - the only way change is going to happen is if we start stepping up and participating in it. Sitting back and complaining and yelling at someone who has a different view than you do is not productive. There has to be a way to communicate and work together. We teach our children how to do this every day, why can't we do it as adults? Money? Power? Greed? yep and more...

What saddens me is that once the election is over we'll go back to living our daily lives and in the back ground all the same stuff is going to continue to move along the way we truly don't want it to. I don't have the answer on how to fix it, all I know is we have to figure out how to do it. Speak out, go to community meetings, talk to your local reps, voice your opinions and ideas.

We are too smart and too technologically advanced to be antiquated in our communication process. I know we need things like term limits. Fresh blood, new faces and ideas. People willing to work together to get things done. We need education reform, economic initiatives, environmental progress. Most of all we need to be kind to one another. It's ridiculous to me that in today's world we still have racism and bigotry and sheer lack of respect for human life. It makes me so sad. It's hard enough to teach our children to be kind and compassionate, it doesn't help that there are people out there who actually believe their life matters more than everyone else's.

My kids are being raised to be hard working, respectful, good men. Having to censor the outside world would be impossible.

We are at a time in our history where women are defying odds and shattering ceilings. We should be celebrating that! I'm celebrating that! I'm proud to have the opportunity to vote for a woman - who is extremely qualified to lead this already great America. I voted with my son this morning, he helped me color in the bubble. While we were voting we talked about what it means to have a woman hold this office. We talked about the things we believe in that are the most important to us. We talked about why we made the decision we made.

It basically came down to decency. Yes, the economy and environment are super important and honestly should be at the top of the topic list. We shouldn't even be having discussions about marriage equality - who cares who anyone else loves and why is it our business? We shouldn't be talking about "locker room talk" - because degrading women shouldn't be a thing, but it is. Trust me, I've had my share of inappropriate comments come my way - no one should have to deal with that crap. We shouldn't be talking about what a woman can do with her body - IT'S HER BODY - not yours, not mine, not anyone's but hers. But when these things come into play, you bet I'm going to support them because I know them. I love them and I do not hold judgement against them for any of their choices.

We are all at fault for the state of our nation. Every single adult in this country is to blame.. How we choose to move forward will be the difference. What will you do to make it better for you and your children? You guys, it's time to stop pointing fingers at other people and start pointing it right back at ourselves. Take responsibility for your legacy and start making a difference.

Oh, and vote.