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Ahhh, graduation. When I was a kid,  graduating from almost every grade was not a thing. Now apparently it is. It starts in pre-school, then there's regular pre-k, kindergarten and where we live, elementary school (5th grade), middle school (8th grade), high school and, well..Harvard (I mean college). That's at least 7 graduations not counting any additional higher education degrees...it seems like overkill, no? I mean, I guess it's a big deal to go from a school where you know everyone and everything, where the student population is smaller and close knit to a school that's three times the size with hallways teaming with tweens...thank God I don't have to go there, that's all I'm saying! I'm so curious to see how he's going to do in Middle School...it's going to be a big change for him, one that I'm sure he'll take in stride because of his easy going nature, but a change none the less.

We've been focusing on the end of school and graduation for a few weeks now. Parties in school, graduation practice, cap and gown arrivals. I was out to dinner with my friend Karen last weekend, she's from the UK and they apparently don't do graduation ceremonies over there the way we do here. It's not such a big deal in other places. I know full well it's not a big deal to go from fifth to sixth grade but I did say to her that because I'm an emotional horror when it comes to my kids (sometimes), that I believe graduation is a ploy from the mascara companies to see how many mom's walk out of the ceremony with raccoon eyes. Believe you me, I will be going through tissues as I watch my first born cross that stage with the friends he's had since he was 4 years old celebrating this milestone.

I think for me it's more that he's growing up. He wants to hang out with his friends, meet them at the park "I can go by myself mom" and even though he still kisses me goodbye in the school yard at drop off, I imagine that will change shortly. My baby no longer needs me to tie his shoes, or brush his hair. He doesn't need me to hold his hand or lay out his clothes. He needs me to give him his space, to allow him some independence, to grow and figure stuff out for himself. As hard as it is to let them go, as parents, we know it's the right thing. In order for them to be capable, responsible young adults, they need room to blossom - or something like that. Words can't even convey how proud I am of this kid. His teachers, other parents, coaches and our family and friends have all helped shape the person he's becoming and for this I'm so grateful. So today as he completes one chapter and begins another, I'm honored to have the community of support that we do, to have the love to help him grow and the encouragement to foster his curiosity. We truly are blessed.

So if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go watch my kid receive his third diploma (I think) - and you bet I'll be wearing waterproof mascara!!

Happy Graduation Day to Wyatt and the PS 34 Class of 2016...dream big kiddos, your future is bright!!

Pay it forward today and congratulate someone you know who's celebrating a milestone in their lives!!