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I can't watch.

You guys, enough is enough. Clearly we are a country that has chosen to ignore the value of human lives. Clearly we've become numb and tolerant of violence. And please don't tell me that we haven't because I'm calling bullshit on that. We are no better off today than we were when this whole thing started - with our ancestors. This isn't new. This isn't shocking. This is pathetic. This is sad. This is disgraceful. Underneath the uniforms and the plain clothes lie human beings. This isn't a cops v. robbers thing - this is a male violence gun thing. NO LIFE IS WORTH MORE THAN ANOTHER. Period. The only way to stop this is to take it away. Period. Oh, and prayers, they don't stop violence. Action does.The only way this stops is if WE stop it.  Yes, I said WE - that's a collective WE.  ALL OF US. Don't sit there spewing at the mouth about how things have to change and it's all about racism and mental illness - do something about it. You want to know HOW you can help - here's a few ways.

  • Education - LEARN about laws, about racism (I'm pretty sure you know about this one), about guns...Learn about your local law enforcement and their policies around police brutality. Get smart about your surroundings.
  • Engage - Start a conversation. Talk to your peers. Start a movement - however small - just start it.
  • Act - Lobby. Write your government, local and national.
  • Support - give to legal defense funds, ACLU, NAACP, Amnesty USA are all places you can donate funds.

Here's how I'm linking this to parenting. Imagine if it was your child in that uniform in Dallas last night. Imagine if it was your child in that car reaching for his drivers license while out with his girlfriend and her daughter. Imagine if it was your child in place of ANY ONE of these people who were involved in these senseless acts. I can't. And you shouldn't either.

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Here's an article that includes finding places to write your local government: https://medium.com/@nicolesilverberg/it-s-on-us-too-an-easy-guide-to-contacting-your-elected-representatives-about-gun-control-2e2d8eb20e3f#.oa2mqyuc6