Back To YOU


This month is all about YOU at Why Am I Yelling? What does that mean you ask? Well, lemme tell ya...as a relationship and parenting coach I work with people who are in need of help in those areas of their lives. As I was putting together a program recently I was looking through my notebook and a lot of words kept jumping out at me:

  • Overwhelmed

  • Stressed

  • Exhausted

  • Stuck

And then the lightbulb went off!! Let’s do something to focus on the mommy’s because we’re the ones who truly need it and we’re the ones who won’t outright ask for it...so I’m bringing it to you without you having to ask. I’ve spent a few weeks on making this intensive one where you can see immediate results. Like RIGHT NOW.

Listen, I’m guilty of it too - of being the one who takes on way more than she can chew so I’ll stay up late and get up early just to get things done. I’ve been known to bear the burden of MOST of our family’s responsibilities not because I had to but because I didn’t know any better. I get how it feels to have a full time job, kids, husband, house, bills, groceries, laundry (blah, blah…) and you feel like you’re doing it all without any help. I get it, because I WAS it. I did all of that. For years - many years, until I finally broke. Sitting on the kitchen floor crying that I couldn’t do it anymore until my husband walked in and basically said to me “um, just tell me what you need me to do”. HUH? You mean, ask for help? YES. That’s what I mean.

The minute I started asking my boys to participate in helping me get things done around the house everything changed. Everyone was pitching in, we all had a stake in the game and we all helped one another. I got some time back to myself that I so desperately needed and no one complained (for the most part). It was that easy.

Here’s the thing - you don’t have to bear the burden of carrying ALL the weight. You don’t have to feel like you’re alone. You don’t have to cry it out in the shower. YOU CAN HAVE IT - you just have to ask for it. I’m here to help you get YOU back. I’m your partner, I will hold you accountable and be in it with you. I want you to succeed in finding your true self so you can open yourself up to the endless possibilities you dream about. Together we can start to make them a reality.

The 90 minute “Back To YOU” Intensive will help you:

  • Stop being afraid..&..Start being fearless
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed...&..Start feeling confident
  • Stop thinking you HAVE to do it all...&..Start asking for help
  • Stop beating yourself up...&... Start empowering yourself
HOW are we going to do it? By introducing a self care mindset into your life, by creating your personalized self care routine, and by implementing steps to boost your confidence. 

Be BOLD and take the leap - for the better, I promise you.

You'll also receive my 3 part video series on "How to Set Boundaries Without YELLING" for free. (a $30 value). So what are you waiting for? Book your's now and let's get Back to YOU!!! http://buff.ly/2ccbagl