Fuck the ideal client. Yep. I said it. Out loud. I've been in and out of entrepreneur groups, mom-preneur groups, solopreneur groups...whatever you choose to call them, and they're all great - I've gotten A LOT out of them, so thanks for producing the content you're producing and engaging in the conversations you're engaging in...BUT it's not me. The other day I was talking to my AMAZING VA, Jackie, and we were brainstorming about how to increase the interest for an intensive I'm currently offering. We kept coming back to the question about whether or not it's appealing to my "ideal client"...and then I finally said it...Jackie, you know what? I don't have an ideal client and here's why..


* I'm not a business coach looking to help you increase your sales. * I'm not a mompreneur looking to help another mom get her biz off the ground. * I'm not an entrepreneur looking to help you lose weight/get healthy/have great skin.

You know who my ideal client is? My ideal client is YOU. Yes, YOU. Every single one of YOU.

* My ideal client is EVERY WOMAN who wants to feel like she matters after becoming a mother. * My ideal client is EVERY PARENT on the planet who wants to have a healthy relationship with their partner and kids * My ideal client is the expectant DAD who has no idea what the hell he's about to encounter with a pregnant wife and new baby on the way. * My ideal client is the COUPLE who are about to become empty-nesters after 20 years of having their lives revolve around their children. * My ideal client is the WOMAN who lost her way because she is trying to live up to everyone else's expectations and has no idea what hers actually are.

My ideal client is EVERY PERSON I KNOW.

So now I have a dilemma - What happens when you're someone who's building a business around helping EVERYONE? What happens when you're someone with so much compassion and fire in your belly to create and produce content that will help the masses? You say fuck it - and you create it. Because it's THAT good. Because it's THAT helpful. Because it's THAT NEEDED.

I'm a Certified Professional Coach who focuses on relationships and parenting because THAT'S the kind of coach I could've used 10 years ago. Because while building my business is like having a third child (and yes, I have a biz coach), the most important job I will ever have is being a successful partner and parent. If that's YOUR most important job too, well then...we should talk. What are you waiting for? #WhyAmIYelling