Stop “Yelling” And Light Your Fire!

Can you look me in the eye and tell me your relationship is everything you dreamed it would be?

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Are you feeling invisible?

Do you wish you and your partner had more passion in your relationship?

Do you feel unappreciated and misunderstood?

Are you exhausted from having the same argument over and over again?

Have you been questioning your relationship and feeling anxiety at every turn?

Woah, Mama….

This is serious stuff. I mean it. I know how resentment in a relationship feels. It sucks. It hurts. Being with someone for a long time isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, in fact, more often it’s not. I’ve cried in the shower and on the kitchen floor because there were times when I felt like I couldn’t take anymore. I was overwhelmed, lonely and scared. But ultimately, I knew I had to face my fear before I lost the one thing I valued so much. My relationship.

Mama, I see you. I know what you’re going through, my heart hurts for you. Your mind is constantly wondering if you’re worthy. If you’re satisfying your partner. If there’s more…

Here’s what I know. I know there’s more. I know there’s a way to change it. I know because I did it. And together, we can fix it.

In Desired & Appreciated, You and I Will:

  • Initiate loving moments of appreciation for yourself and your partner.

  • Reconnect, re-energize and re-start your relationship.

  • Create a realistic vision for what you would love your relationship to look like in the next 3 months.

  • Design custom actions that you can take to get your love life back on track.

Your goals to achieve in Desired & Appreciated are:

  • Communication - That you will be able to communicate lovingly with your partner, even when the topic may be difficult to talk about. And what to do when you’re upset or mad so that you don’t have an unnecessary fight.

  • Intimacy - That you and your partner will be creating small moments of connection every day. This is how you keep those fires burning! (Hubba! Hubba). And we’ll make sure they are the kind of moments you both really want to experience.

  • Boundaries - That you become comfortable with asking for help, or support in your relationship - without the guilt. And that you get better at receiving that help!

  • Respect - That you overcome and move out any resentment you may have been holding, and get back to a place of respect and gratitude. You’ve been together for a while and that stuff can build up! I’ll support you to let some of that go.

  • Support - That you understand where to show up for yourself and one another in ways that are really meaningful to each of you.

Why is Desired & Appreciated different?

Because I’ve crafted the framework for this program from my own experience. I’ve lived those resentments. I know what it feels like to know things are heading in a bad direction while having no idea what to do about it. I also know how to fix it. Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? A million percent yes. None of us goes into our relationship expecting failure. At the beginning, we see the fairy tale. The romance, the connection, the life you’re planning on build together. But then, sometimes, things get in the way and before you know it, something is missing.

Desired & Appreciated is a no fluff, No bullshit, No new age stuff that you read in a book (sorry Woo-ers!) experience.

We’re talking about real life. It’s about creating actionable strategies that will affect your relationship in a powerful way. Life changing stuff. Relationship saving stuff.

Not only am I living proof that you can have an amazing relationship decades in but my clients are too.

Isn’t it time you found your joy again?


Let’s Talk…

  • To create loving moments of appreciation for yourself and your partner. What made you fall in love in the first place?

  • To get clear on all the places you and your partner have felt disconnected.

  • To create an exciting vision for what you would love your relationship to look like in the next 3 months.

  • To give you custom actions that you can take to get that love life back.

You deserve to have to feel Desired & Appreciated.

I want you to have an experience that will take your relationship up a notch (or 10!). I want you to see just how truly amazing YOU are and how truly amazing your relationship can be. Desired and Appreciated is going to be meaningful, fun, interactive and life changing. Join me for a free one on one call to lay the groundwork for you. Click that pretty red button below and let’s get started!


Stop Imagining and Start Creating!

Stop imagining how great your relationship can be and get ready to use the tools I’m sharing in his program to create your amazing relationship!

Your Mission…

Is to spend the next 6 weeks focusing on upgrading your relationship with yourself and the (other) most important person in your life, your partner.

What You’ll Take Away…

  • Renewed confidence in yourself and your relationships.

  • A greater sense of appreciation between you and your partner.

  • Multiple ways to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

  • Better communication, more love, deeper connection….and more!!

How We’ll Get You There:

  • Participation in 6 weeks of live 90-minute, interactive group coaching calls via Zoom (a private web conference room) allowing for total privacy for us to share our stories and experiences in a safe and controlled setting. No one gets in that’s not supposed to be there.

  • In depth discussion about the 5 Essentials and how they play a very important part in ALL of your relationships.

  • Worksheets and Tools to help you stay organized and motivated to want to elevate your relationship.

But Wait! There’s More! You’ll also get:

  • 2 signed hard copies of my book, #WhyAmIYelling? Because…Relationships! (one for you, one for someone you love)

  • Lifetime access to the exclusive Desired and Appreciated Facebook Group so you can have a private space to talk freely in a safe place.

  • More free gifts….

There’s over $1500 worth of stuff in this package!

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Shitty relationships are SO last year!