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You don’t have to sacrifice what matters most to you in order to create relationships that feel good.

I get it. Life can feel hard. It’s easy to get into a rut. To find yourself in a place where you feel unappreciated and overwhelmed. Losing connection in your relationships doesn’t feel good. It’s time to learn how to create stronger, happier relationships.

I’ve been there. From the outside everything looked like it was “perfect,” I had a good job, a solid marriage, two healthy kids, what more could I possibly want? In reality, I was unhappy at work, overwhelmed with all of my responsibilities and totally ignoring my own needs. It wasn’t until I broke down on my bedroom floor when I realized I needed to make a change. From that moment on, I knew I needed to help other women address their feelings of overwhelm, mom-guilt and anxiety by providing a system designed to focus on having more desire, appreciation and love in their relationships.

It’s time for you to stop wondering “what if” and get the support you need to unapologetically step out of your comfort zone into a life full of joy, appreciation and confidence. You achieve that by focusing on YOU first. And you learn that through the 5 Essentials Experience.


The 5 Essentials Experience


I created The 5 Essentials Experience to help you establish a foundation on which all of your relationships will thrive. Understanding how to appreciate the dynamics of relationships is only the beginning, it really is all about how you nurture and sustain them when you find true success. Using the foundations of this program, we will work together to uncover obstacles, break through blocks and focus on creating your unique relationships that work for you. Each week we will be working toward the goals we set at the beginning of your journey. We’re going to explore all of your relationships by addressing the big questions with practical, achievable solutions that garner results from day one.

Program Topics

The 5 Essentials Experience is a combination of education, interactive exercises, and individual coaching support. From the onset, you will have the tools to implement what you learn into your life.

The 5 Essentials Experience is a combination of education, interactive exercises, and individual coaching support. From the onset, you will have the tools to implement what you learn into your life.

Program Snapshot

Week 1 - Assessment

In our initial session, we will uncover the reasons why you’re suffering from overwhelm, exhaustion, or a lack of fulfillment. We’ll spend time getting to the core of your desires and needs while learning ways to focus on YOU without experiencing guilt. We are going to explore the importance of every relationship in your life and how to make them thrive. During this session, I will be sharing tools you can begin to immediately incorporate into your daily life that will help reduce anxiety and stress allowing for more ease and peace of mind.

Week 2 - Communication & Intimacy

In this session we’re going to talk about how to build relationships where you feel comfortable speaking your mind while listening without judgement. You will learn how to create strong bonds in all of your relationships. Overcome feelings of unappreciation and lack of desire by learning how to create moments of connection. This week is full of intense, raw emotion. We peel back the onion so we can build it back up stronger and better than ever.

Week 3 - Boundaries & Respect

During week three, we are digging into the importance of creating personal boundaries at home and in the workplace. We discuss how you can express yourself in a diplomatic and productive way. We’ll talk about how respect and boundaries work both ways and how you can exercise them in a smart, loving way in all of your relationships.

Week 4 - Support

In our final session, we will discuss in depth the value of having a strong support system in your life. We will unpack the meaning of family, friendship and community along with the support each brings to your life. You’ll learn how to let go of the relationships that are not serving you through appreciation and grace allowing you to breathe a little easier. Throughout all of our sessions I will be sharing tools that you can begin to use immediately to achieve instant results.

The 5 Essentials Experience can be modified for a group workshop or keynote address.

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