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Inspiring Transformation For Teens Affirmation Card Deck

The perfect gift for your teenager has arrived! This deck is inspired by the popular course "Inspiring Transformation"

We all need to have the tools to be able to embrace, accept and create change in our lives. "Inspiring Transformation" does just that. Our teenagers are facing some of their biggest changes in their lives during these very formative years. This deck was created to help them feel supported and encouraged throughout their day!

The Inspiring Transformation card deck includes

* 30 colorful high quality cards - one for ever day of the month!

* A different message of inspiration every day!

* Messages on the importance of empowerment, mindset, communication, balance and dreaming big. 

Your teen can use the cards for themselves or to share with friends. 

Get your deck now and encourage your Teen to be inspired every day!!


Inspiring Transformation Card Deck for Adults

What a great way to start your day!! Coming soon - the "Inspiring Transformation" Card Deck for Adults! Coming Soon!



#WhyAmIYelling? Because...Relation-ships The Book!

You guys, I'm so freaking excited about this - the idea I had to write a series of #WhyAmIYelling? books is coming to fruition. It may have taken a little longer than I wanted it to, but I'm happy to say we're moving in the right direction and I'm going out on a limb and saying it will be ready very soon!!! OMG!!! If you're not already on the waitlist, do it! 

This book is most certainly a labor of love and has taken a few different directions since the first draft. It's full of personal stories, learning lessons, advice and honesty. My goal is to help as many people realize that you have the power to create long lasting, successful relationships in your life. Every relationship matters - and this book will help you understand why and how to create them in your life!