The 5 Essentials Group Coaching Experience

Are you sick of having the same argument over and over?

You know what’s terrible? Feeling like you’re invisible. Feeling unappreciated or misunderstood. Feeling exhausted from having the same argument over and over again. All of that leads to overwhelm, stress and lack of self care. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a relationship with a friend, partner or with one of your kids. If it’s happening, it’s affecting you in a negative way and that has to stop.

I mean, you didn’t think I’d stop at a book did you? Because this book is chock full of relationship goodness, I wanted to create a corresponding course for anyone that feels a little lost or in need of some love and support when it comes to cultivating and maintaining ALL of your relationships! We’re gonna be bringing this book to life in your world. It’s time to heal your relationships.

You deserve to have loving, successful relationships. I want you to have an experience that will take your relationships up a notch. I want you to see just how truly amazing YOU are and how truly amazing your relationships can be. The 5 Essentials Experience is going to be meaningful, fun, interactive and life changing….Join me.


Stop Imagining and Start Creating!

Stop imagining how great your relationships could be and get ready to use the tools I’m sharing in the 5 Essentials Experience to make amazing relationships happen!

Your Mission…

…should you choose to accept it is to spend the next 6 weeks with me, focusing on upgrading your relationship with yourself and the relationships you have with others.

RelationSHIFTing Elements In This Program:

  • A FREE ebook

  • 2 signed hard copies of #WhyAmIYelling? Because…Relationships! (one for you, one for someone you love)

  • Participation in the LIVE 6 week “5 Essentials” Coaching Experience beginning in February

    • This is a weekly 90 Minute live group coaching program focusing on how to utilize the 5 Essentials every day in your life. We’re leaving no stone unturned! Every one of your challenges will be addressed. Every one of your successes will be celebrated. Everything you ever needed to know about yourself and your relationships will be uncovered.

    • There’s sure to be laughter, some tears and a lot of growth that comes out of our time together. The best part is that we will all be learning from one another in a judgement free, safe space.

    • Each session will be recorded so you can have it for your reference whenever you need it.

  • Lifetime access to the exclusive 5 Essentials Facebook Group

  • A spot in the relationSHIFT vision board hour

    • Get your relationships off on the right foot in 2019! Grab a glass of your favorite beverage (prosecco for me!), a stack of your favorite magazines and pictures and join me for an evening of creating your ideal relationships vision!

  • More free gifts….

You guys, there’s over $1500 worth of stuff in this package…it’s available now for $799.

Shitty relationships are SO last year!